Friday, April 17, 2009

Are you ready to have happy feet? You will when you treat your feet to a brand new pair of Croc shoes from this blog. No other shoes are softer and more comfortable than Crocs. They mold to your feet for a custom cushioned, non-marking, slip resistant, well ventilated, bacteria and odor resistant ride. Maya Hot Shop offers Crocs for kids and adults. Crocs shoes come in an array of styles and colors. Choose from adult and childrens Crocs in a variety of styles and trends such as Crocs Athens, Beach Crocs, Disney Crocs, Prima, Scutes, Cayman and Mary Jane Crocs. With Crocs sandals, your feet will remain well ventilated and you’ll be ready to enjoy the sun, water and sand. Maya Hot Shop invites you to browse our selection of Crocs shoes - including Cleo Crocs - to find the style, color, and size that's right for you. And when you’re ready to order, we make it easy to get a piece of the action with online orders. Thank you for shopping with us today!

crocs size chart

Size can be refer below charts, before make a decision of the sizes...please read carefully SIZING INFORMATION.




Adult crocs. Men

Order Code : AD 01
Price : RM 85
Colors : Black, Orange, Red, Brown, White, Pink

Order Code : AD 02
Price : RM 85
Colors : Army Green, Black, Butter, Chocolate, Celery, Cotton Candy, Fuschia, Grape,Khaki, Lavender, Light Blue, Lime, Navy, Pearl, Purple, Red, Sage, Sea Foam

Order Code : AD 03
Price : RM 95
Colors : Black/Charcoal, Brown/Brown

Order Code : AD 04
Price : RM 90
Colors : Canvas, Chocolate, Cotton Candy, Khaki, Mango,Navy, Pulse, Sea Blue, White

Order Code : AD 05
Price : RM 142
Colors : Army/Army, Black/Black, Charcoal/Med Grey, Chocolate/Chocolate, Khaki/Brown

Off Road
Order Code : AD 06
Price : RM 103
Colors : army green/army, army green/orange, black/black, chocolate/choco,
navy/charcoal, orange/pearl, red/black, sienna/khaki

Order Code : AD 07
Price : RM 98
Colors : Black, Chocolate, Fuchsia, Khaki, Light Blue, Navy, Sea Blue, White

Men santa cruz
Order Code : AD 08
Price : RM 145
Colors : Chocolate/Chocolate, Khaki/Khaki, Pearl White/Burst, Pearl White/Navy
Pearl White/Wasabi, Pearl/Blueprint, Pearl/Chili, Pearl/White


Order Code : AD 09

Price : RM 68

Colors : Grey, Red, Brown, White-Red, Green, Black, Orange


Order Code : AD 10

Price : RM 68

Colors : Black/Black, Canvas/Burst, Charcoal/Lavender, Chocolate/Khaki,

Khaki/Kelly Green, Mango/Canvas


Order Code : AD 11

Price : RM 70

Colors : Black/Black, Black/Lime, Black/Pearl, Black/Yellow, Chocolate/Khaki, Navy/Pearl

Adult crocs - Women

Order Code : AD 12
Price : RM 75
Colors : Berry/Pearl, Black/Black, Brown/Walnut, Chocolate/Light Blue, Khaki/Pearl, Navy/Lavender, Silver/Black

Order Code : AD 13
Price : RM 70
Colors : Berry/White, Black/Black, Jade/White, Ultraviolet/White

Order Code : AD 14
Price : RM 72
Colors : Black/Black, Black/Silver, Bronze/Bronze, Chocolate/Cotton Candy,
Navy/Light Blue, Scarlet/Scarlet, Silver/Lavender

Order Code : AD 15
Price : RM 72
Colors : Black/Black, Chocolate/Sea Foam, Khaki/Pearl, Red/Pearl, White/Celery,
White/Orange, White/Pulse, White/Sea Foam

Order Code : AD 16
Price : RM 72
Colors : Black/Black, Black/Charcoal, Chocolate/Cotton Candy, Chocolate/Khaki, Fuchsia/Orange, Khaki/Khaki, Navy/Sea Foam, Pearl/Celery, Turquoise/Sea Foam

Order Code : AD 17
Price : RM 72
Colors : Black/Black, Charcoal/Sea Foam, Chocolate/Cotton Candy, Chocolate/Khaki,
Cotton Candy/Pulse, Khaki/Pearl, White/Celery, White/Fuchsia, White/Mango

Order Code : AD 18
Price : RM 78
Colors : Berry, Black, Brown, Cotton Candy, Mango, Navy, Pulse, Silver, Turquoise

Order Code : AD 19
Price : RM 78
Colors : Black, Brown, Red, Ultraviolet

Malindi Leopard
Order Code : AD 20
Price : RM 85
Colors : Gold/Black Leopard, Cotton Candy/Black Leopard

Women Santa Cruz

Order Code : AD 21

Price : RM 147

Colors : White/Berry Stripe, White/Black Print, White/Blueprint, White/Chocolate, White/Lapis Pattern, White/Navy, White/Ultraviolet Stripes,

White/Wasabi, White/White, White/Canvas